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Drivers across Reno have fallen in love with Toyota for a number of reasons, one of which is Toyota's spirited performance that is ready for all of life's big adventures. However, nothing lasts forever and from time to time you will need to bring your Toyota RAV4, Highlander or Tundra in for service here at Dolan Auto Group. Only at our service center will you find top-rated, Toyota certified professionals and genuine Toyota parts. Together ensure that your Toyota is ready for the long road ahead. Schedule your next service appointment below with our easy to use service appointment tool.

Importance Of Routine Service For Your Toyota Car, Truck or SUV

Your Toyota Camry, Prius or Tacoma has a lot of moving components that will wear down over time and need to be replaced to ensure the same high-quality performance you first fell in love with. Toyota also makes it easy for Reno drivers who have just purchased a new Toyota to stay on top of service with 2-years no cost maintenance. Toyota factory maintenance schedule provides a guide on when you should service your vehicle. Toyota gives recommendations based upon the average driver and mileage driven for your sedan, truck or SUV. For example, changing your oil is one of the most common services your Toyota will need and one of the easiest ways to keep it running like new. Toyota recommends having your oil changed roughly every 6,000-8,000 miles. Depending on your driving habits you may need to have your oil changed more frequently or extend the time between services. If you don't change your motor oil frequently enough you run the risk of damaging your engine by letting dirt build up inside your engine, but the moving parts will create heat from the friction and eventually lead your engine to seize. Which is a very costly repair compared to changing your oil.

If you have any questions about what services your Toyota needs please don't hesitate to give our service advisors a call and they will be happy to assist you. We look forward to seeing you at our service center soon.