Schedule a Service for Your Jeep

It is incredibly important to establish an ongoing service schedule when you purchase a new or used Jeep. Even if your vehicle is a few years old, regular maintenance will help you prevent expensive repairs and maintain good efficiency. Some routine maintenance can be performed from the comfort of your own home if you know what you're doing. For everything else, you can stop by your local Dolan Automotive Group service center near Reno, NV.

Service Items that You Should Schedule

Oil Changes

Most Jeep models should receive an oil change once every six months. You can sometimes go a little longer but it depends on the type of oil that you're utilizing. It also depends on how often you're driving your vehicle, and you'll have to take into consideration the type of driving that you're doing (i.e. highway, city, off-road). An oil filter change should be performed during this scheduled service as well.

Tire Rotations

Having your tires rotated is a very simple way to prolong the lifespan of your tires. It promotes even wear on your tread pattern. You can ask a service professional how often you should be having this service done or refer back to your owner's manual. The schedule has a lot to do with the number of miles you're putting on your vehicle, whether or not you're switching winter tires and all-season tires each year, etc.

Routine Inspections

Each year, your vehicle should be inspected from front to back. A service technician will look at things like the quality of your brakes, whether or not your brake lights are working, your suspension's integrity and the state of your tire tread. These inspections are designed to make sure that your vehicle is safe while it is traveling on the road. There may be things that need to be repaired to pass inspection.

If you would like to find out more about the different routine service items that you should be scheduling for your Jeep model, stop down to Dolan Automotive Group. Our expert technicians will help you get on a good schedule that works with your lifestyle and budget. We'll make this service easy for you.