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Your Mazda vehicle is a work of art, and as such, it deserves meticulous, professional care and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Fortunately, our technicians here at Dolan Automotive Group know what makes your Mazda tick, and we dedicate ourselves to making sure that your vehicle has everything it needs to perform at its peak. So, whether your Mazda is due for a routine checkup or it needs professional repair, we have your back.

Make You Mazda Last with Routine Service and Maintenance

Mazda is highly regarded as one of the most impressive automakers to drive on the market today. Performance and driver-centric cars are engrained in the history of Mazda and this has allowed more drivers to enjoy a Mazda. What has helped to keep Mazda so popular is their longevity and that longevity is the result of visiting a service center that can keep your car in the best shape possible. Whether you drive a brand-new Mazda CX-3 or a Mazda CX-5 with some history under its belt, the importance of routine maintenance remains constant. Your vehicle is made up of a variety of systems and moving parts that require regular care in order for your vehicle to perform well as a whole. In other words, when one part suffers, the rest of your vehicle has to make up for it, resulting in excess wear and tear and a shortened lifespan for your vehicle.

Here at Dolan Auto Group we give you the place to get your car serviced by professionals and you can schedule your next appointment right from home!

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When drivers in Reno or Carson City are looking to keep their Mazda running at its peak levels for longer, our service center is the perfect place for you! Here at our service center we are proud to offer drivers a place where they can get all types of service done on their Mazda. Whether you need routine maintenance done like an oil change, tire rotation, or a multi-point inspection, or you are looking for some more serious work done like a brake repair or engine repairs, our dealership's service center is the premier place to visit.

Routine service and maintenance is one of the most important aspects to keep you Mazda performing at its best levels for longer. Not only will our dealership help to make servicing and maintaining your Mazda a better time, but our selection of new Mazda models will allow more drivers to get something that makes driving exciting. Additionally, our finance center will allow you to get a great Mazda loan or lease to make sure you get something you love at a low cost.

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If your Mazda needs maintenance or repair, schedule service today by going online, giving us a call, or swinging by our service center. We'll be ready to provide your Mazda with the expert care it needs to get back up and running like new again.

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