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Growing the Business.

Thomas S. Dolan, the youngest of 8, was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota. He spent most of his childhood in Redlands, CA.  In 1969, he made the move all the way to Reno with his big brother Mike who would go on to play football for the University of Nevada.

Tom worked his way through college as a state juvenile parole officer which sparked his love for youth early on. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from UNR in 1972, Tom found himself embarking on a career in sales working as an agent for College Life Insurance.

Tom had sales in his blood, and his exuberant personality caught Don Weir Sr.’s attention and soon enough he was selling cars at Reno Dodge with former college roommate and friend Don Weir Jr.  Tom advanced quickly in the business. From 1975-1982, Tom moved from Sales, to Finance Manager, to Sales Manager and then to General Manager at Carson City Dodge-Chrysler and Reno Dodge. Tom was taught early on that even though he was from a small town he needed to think big and look to the future.

He did just that, and on April 1, 1982 Tom Dolan became the General Manager and Vice President of Reno Toyota. And so the legacy began…
In the midst of building his business Tom started his family and quickly became a working father of three little ones; Ryan, Danielle, and Brady.

His love for his family was added ammunition to build a sustaining and successful business. Today, that love continues to be his main motivation in life.

Growing up with the Business.

Ryan Dolan, Tom’s eldest son, was the first of three children and the first to catch the “automotive bug”. One summer Ryan was giving his mother grief and expressed his boredom. Tom caught wind of this and said that it would be the last time Ryan would ever describe his summer using the word ‘bored’ again. Tom had Ryan on the lot the very next day completing menial tasks such as picking up cigarette butts-the first taste of the auto industry and good old fashioned work.

Ryan grew up in Reno playing sports and soon left for college where he would obtain a degree in Interdisciplinary studies. Ryan played baseball for most of his college days and enjoyed the time away from Reno experiencing new places and new people. It did not take long, after graduation, for Ryan to find his way back to his roots in Reno. Soon after, Ryan would complete the National Auto Dealers Association Academy and join the family business once and for all.

In Dolan fashion, Tom had Ryan start in detail and work his way through nearly each position at the dealership in order to fully understand the business.

Ryan became CEO of Dolan Auto Group in 2010 in the midst of expanding his family with wife, Melissa. Two daughters; Brooke and Olivia followed by brothers Cash and Knox. 

Growing up on the Lot.

Brady, Tom’s youngest child and youngest son, has literally grown up on his father’s car lots. As the youngest of three Brady had his fair share of time running around Tom’s lots and learning the Ins and Outs of the bizz. 

As he grew up Brady became extremely involved in sports which sparked his love for baseball, much like his older brother. The love of the game took him to UCLA where he started for the Bruins for three years. After graduating with a degree in Sociology Brady felt the tug to return to Reno and join the family business that he was raised loving and learning about. He, too, completed the NADA University and then went on to complete the General Manager Enrollment Program with Toyota.

Tom always gave his children the choice to join the business. It was never a requirement. Brady’s love for process invention and execution paired with the love he has for the auto industry has lead him to be an irreplaceable leader. Brady became the General Manager of Dolan Toyota in 2012 and now continues to lead the charge today. 

Progression of Business.

Together the Dolan men have transformed the car business in Reno. Starting with Tom’s leadership and forward thinking; the boys matched his innovative thought and ran with it.
Ryan has implemented processes that have helped our business flourish while adding additional stores to fit under the Dolan Auto Group canopy.

Brady has been there every step of the way pushing for more progress by leading the team, working with each department at each store, and fine tuning processes to help them reach greater efficiency. 
There is always room to grow and there are always things to learn. The key is to be flexible and allow change to be the catalyst to your business.
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"I hope you find a home here, and you stay forever," Tom Dolan.

Our desire is to be continually building and shaping a team that is eager to serve our customers due to the pride they have in our products and our business. This environment starts at the top! 

Our Team

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