Roy Tuscany
Founder/Executive Director of High Fives

After a life-altering ski accident that damaged his t-12 vertebrae in 2006, Roy Tuscany was told that he would never walk or ski again. With strong moral support and financial assistance from others, not only is Roy able to walk again, but he also hit the slopes just two years later. 

In 2009, Roy set out on a mission: he wanted to make sure that other athletes would have the same recovery opportunity that he did. Thus, the High Fives Foundation was born. What was originally meant to offer assistance to one athlete each year has grown into a national, non-profit organization that has helped over 80 athletes with life-altering injuries. High Fives assists athletes throughout the journey of recovery so they can focus on themselves, getting better and back to the sport they love.

Along the way, Roy's story, positive attitude had a lasting impression on Ryan and Brady Dolan, who have partnered with Roy to help High Fives grow. What began as a small business deal, flourished into a lasting friendship and community partner.

"The way they give back to the community and the way they support High Fives, that's the reason I joined the family." - Roy Tuscany

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