Submissions Due | March 14


 The Dolan Class Project is back! Time to start planning and executing an awesome community outreach program.


Ten schools will receive $2,500 each based on the creativity, overall involvement and positive impact of their projects. Plus, the classroom that receives the most votes on Facebook from March 17-19, 2018 will receive $5,000 cash!


Important dates:

  • Submissions due 3/14/18
  • Teacher Judging 3/16/18
  • Facebook 3/17/18-3/19/18
  • Announce Winners 3/21/18


  • Schools will need to submit the following information by Wednesday, March 14:
  • An explanation of their project (no longer than one page)
  • Video (no longer than 2 minutes) of their project
  • Measurable results (How many items did you collect? How many people did you impact? What improvements did you make in our community? Etc.)
  • An explanation of how you promoted/executed your project
  • How many children from your school assisted in the project?
  • What will your school use the funds for?


  • Each school's project will be graded based on the following criteria. We will ask the appointed judges from the community to grade each segment of the project on a 1 to 10 point scale.
  • This project had a positive impact on members of our community and/or environment
  • There were measurable results
  • This project was creative
  • This project was promoted and shared throughout the school and/or community
  • Student involvement was maintained throughout all aspects of the project
  • This project allowed students to learn about the importance of giving back
  • This project incorporated community involvement


  • Can school clubs participate in the Dolan Class Project? Yes!
  • Can we get a couple classes involved if we plan to split the funds? Yes!
  • Can we win $2,500 and the $5,000 for People's Choice? We are going to give one prize per winning class. This way we can spread the funds as far as possible!


  • Teachers that submit a Class Project will be asked to participate in the voting scheduled on 3/16/18. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this!

Please submit your projects in a word or PDF format to Ashton Hutton at by 5pm on Wednesday, March 14. The 11 winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 21.