The Dolan Class Project is back! This year, we have a new and improved program that will allow various classrooms to receive funds based on the creativity, hard work and the humanitarian nature of their projects.

$60,000 will be divided amongst 12 classrooms. Four elementary, Four middle and Four High School classrooms will each receive $5,000.


Each classroom's project will be anonymously graded by designated community members based on the following criteria. We will ask the appointed judges to grade each segment of the project on a 1 to 10 point scale. 

  • This project had a positive impact on members of our community and/or environment
  • There were measurable results
  • This project was creative
  • This project was promoted and shared throughout the school and/or community
  • Student involvement was maintained throughout all aspects of the project
  • This project allowed students to learn about the importance of giving back
  • This project incorporated community involvement


Classrooms will need to submit the following information by the deadline provided:

  • An explanation of their project (no longer than one page)
  • Video (no longer than 2 minutes) of their project (MP4 or MOV format)
  • Measurable Results (How many items did you collect? How many people did you impact? What improvements did you make? Etc.)
  • Explanation of how you promoted/executed your project.
  • How many children from your class assisted in the project?
  • What will your classroom use the $5,000 for?
  • Provide 2-3 pictures of the children in your classroom engaging in the project.

Please submit your projects in a word or PDF format to by 6pm on Monday, March 6.


March 6

Submissions Due

March 13

Judges are provided with the information needed to determine their grading criteria

March 14

Winners announced via Dolan Auto Group's Facebook page and posted on Checks will be delivered by Dolan Auto Group AFTER Spring Break.