What Could Hydrogen Mean for the Future of Fuel?

What is hydrogen, and will it one day fuel our cars? Zero-emission hydrogen cars might not be so far off in our future.

When gasoline burns in an internal combustion engine, it produces carbon dioxide. This greenhouse gas is trapping too much of the sun's energy in Earth's atmosphere, which has been wreaking climate chaos.

Hydrogen, which is already used as rocket fuel by NASA, produces nothing but clean water vapor when it burns (in fact, that's where the name "hydrogen" is derived).

Toyota has already been stepping up to the plate, creating a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, to be released in California this year.


There are a few problems, though. Hydrogen is rarely found in its pure form on Earth, so energy must be used to refine it from larger molecules, like water, methane, or natural gas.

Where that energy comes from, and where the hydrogen is sourced, can make a huge difference on whether hydrogen is "clean" or "dirty."

Of course, customers won't buy hydrogen if its environmental impact is worse than gasoline, and producers know that. Many companies are already investing in solar and wind energy to power the hydrogen refinement process, and companies are looking into ways to create hydrogen from by-products otherwise going to waste.

So, hydrogen and the future of fuel? It's looking bright.

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